scifiboneyard-1500x1500-logoWhat is there to know about Sci-Fi Boneyard?

It can be difficult to be a sci-fi fan. Our preferred content can be expensive to make and seems to consistently be in emanate danger of cancellation. We learn to adapt, we learn to overcome, and generally we are taught to look to the next bit of content to calm our endless hunger for story and characters. In effect there’s not a whole lot we can do about it.

As a consequence there are several avenues that present themselves. The first, and most often taken, is to become jaded, to snark and pitch one liners at those networks, execs, or muggles who have offended us. While not particularly productive it does make one feel marginally better for a time. However, we prefer the celebration approach. “What’s that?” you might ask. Walk with me for a minute and let me tell you about my other half.

One of the reasons we have always gotten along is she and I have never had any trouble talking about the sci-fi shows we love. She is both not shy about what she thinks but has great opinions on and perspective of televised science fiction.


Exhibit B. This is Shannon’s car. It’s unremarkable in every way save one: she adorns this rather humdrum vehicle with what she loves. The shows, IP, series’, these stickers represent, though sometimes dissimilar, all have one glaring fact in common – they’ve all been canceled. They’ve all been canceled and my wife has a COMMANDING knowledge and unabashed love for each and everyone one of them. For years I’ve have called her the Queen of Air and Darkness because she always seems to love the shows that die or are soon to end up that way.

To quote Morpheus “There are fields of them, endless fields of them” great shows and content that have reached the end of their run but still hold up or have value to offer. And so do we stand in the scattered remains of broadcasts past and look upon them with the trained eye of a sci-fi enthusiast.

So what is there to know about Sci-Fi Boneyard? We give life to the shows that live on only in memory.